Jars of Spice

Jars of Spice

Locally crafted jars of spice. 

Get prepared for a flavour BOMB!


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Piggy in the Middle - Bacon Salt - 80g
DF Smoke Haus - JS#4 All-Rounder Seasoning - 80g
DF Smoke Haus - All-Purpose Chicken & Veg Seasoning - 80g
DF Smoke Haus - Savoury Garlic & Pepper Seasoning
G'Day Garlic - Garlic Powder CHUNKY
DF Smoke Haus - Sweet Onion & Pepper Seasoning - 80g
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Dukkah Sale priceFrom $6.50
DF Smoke Haus - Spicy Jamaican Jerk - 80g
G'Day Garlic - Garlic Powder FINE
DF Smoke Haus - Darling Downs Dust Seasoning
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Chilli Kanon - Thai Massaman Curry Paste - 200g
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Chilli Kanon - Pad Thai Sauce - 250g
G'Day Garlic - Signature Seasoning - Medium
Chilli Kanon - Thai Red Curry Paste - 200g
Chilli Kanon - Thai Chilli Jam Paste - 200g
Chilli Kanon - Thai Green Curry Paste - 200g
Inspired By Night - Original Dukkah - 100g
Chilli Kanon - Thai Green Chilli Oil  - 250ml
Chilli Kanon - Thai Red Chilli Oil - 250ml
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Lions Mane Mushroom Powder 40g
G'Day Garlic - Black Garlic Cloves
Inspired By Night - Sweet Fennel Dukkah - 100g
G'Day Garlic - Signature Seasoning - Hot