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Apples - Granny Smith - The Farm Shop Toowoomba
Apples - Kanzi - Each
Apples - Kanzi - Each Sale price$1.30
Apples - Pink Lady - The Farm Shop Toowoomba
Apples - Royal Gala - The Farm Shop Toowoomba
Apricots - 500 grams
Apricots - 500 grams Sale price$7.90
Avocado Hass
Avocado Hass Sale price$2.99
Bananas - The Farm Shop Toowoomba
Bananas - 1Kg Sale price$3.29
Bananas - Each
Bananas - Each Sale price$0.89
Sold out
Betty's Best Blueberries - 175 gram punnet
Sold out
Black seedless Grapes - Bag
Blueberries - 120 gram punnet
Cherry Punnet
Cherry Punnet Sale price$5.99
Fruit Box
Fruit Box Sale price$40.00
Green Grapes - Bag
Green Grapes - Bag Sale price$14.90
Sold out
Kiwifruit - The Farm Shop Toowoomba
Lemons - Each
Lemons - Each Sale price$1.50
Sold out
Limes - Each
Limes - Each Sale price$0.99
Sold out
Mandarins - Each
Mandarins - Each Sale price$0.89
Mango TRAY - R2E2
Mango TRAY - R2E2 Sale price$39.90
Sold out
Mangoes - The Farm Shop Toowoomba
Mangoes - Calypso
Mangoes - Calypso Sale priceFrom $3.45
Mangoes - R2E2 single
Mangoes - R2E2 single Sale priceFrom $3.65
Mini watermelons
Mini watermelons Sale price$4.99
Nectarines - Yellow Flesh - Each
Sold out
Nutrition Farms Happy Apples - Granny Smith - 1Kg
Sold out
Nutrition Farms Happy Apples - Pink Lady - 1Kg
Oranges (Australian) - Each
Passionfruit - Each
Passionfruit - Each Sale price$1.49
Peach - White Flesh - Each
Peach - Yellow Flesh - Each
Pears - The Farm Shop Toowoomba
Pears - Each Sale price$0.83
Pineapples - Each
Pineapples - Each Sale price$6.90
Plums - The Farm Shop Toowoomba
Plums - Each Sale price$0.69
Sold out
Pomegranate - The Farm Shop Toowoomba
Pomegranate Sale price$3.75
Raspberries - 125 grams Punnet
Red Grapes (seedless) - The Farm Shop Toowoomba
Red Grapes (seedless) Sale price$14.90
Red Papaya - The Farm Shop Toowoomba
Red Papaya Sale price$6.50
Rhubarb Sale price$4.75
Watermelon - The Farm Shop Toowoomba
Seedless Watermelon Sale priceFrom $4.90
Strawberries (1st grade premium) 250 grams
Sold out
Strawberries Value Pack 500g